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Last Chance, bk 2

Last Chance, bk 2

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One vaccine dose. The deadliest virus the world hasn’t met yet. A mom who has to save her daughter and could die trying.

Cady lives out in a rural area and life with her daughter is thrown into turmoil – even with society so far away.

Jackson has promised her a vaccine – but only one dose – for the virus he’s loosed on the world.

Can Cady choose between saving her daughter or leaving her little girl alone in a world filled with questions and fear? While the world falls ill, Cady is faced with the worst decision a parent could have. Will she make the right decision or is it too late to change Jackson’s mind?

Grab this thriller and jump into the apocalypse. Hold your breath! Paulson will take you for a ride.

Three generations of women fighting to stay alive against all odds.
Where they'll betray others, they have to stick together.

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